Hello and welcome to Little River Junior Senior High School! It has been an exciting 2018-2019 year so far!

The amazing staff at LRJSH continues to work toward designing a learning environment conducive to individual needs. We have learned through this process that we do some things really well, and are choosing to continue with the good things. There are some paradigm shifts occurring in the best interest of each individual kid academically, socially, emotionally, technically, and to promote civic engagement.

LRJSH staff has internalized the necessity for continuing research in three domains: Personalized Learning, Student Success Skills (social/emotional, character, employability), and Real-World Connections. These three teams are intentional about researching and only considering approaches in each of these domains that are research-based. We have been creative in finding chunks of time to work for efficacy and to make progress.

We are beginning to reach out and visit other schools in our design process to gain insight into some research-based strategies/programs that other districts are implementing. We look forward to what the near future holds for us.

If you would like to visit at any time, my door is always open. Feel free to drop in for a face-to-face visit, or you may email me at aherbst@usd444.com. You are also welcome to contact me by phone at (620)897-6201.

Your partner in providing the best education for our wonderful students,

Audrey A. Herbst, Principal