Music Applies to any Path in Life!
Audrey Herbst
Sunday, February 03, 2019

For many students, the planning is already underway for courses for next year. I have no doubt that your conversations around this next transition are focused on making smart choices for coursework that will set your child up for success in the future. It seems that every year, our schools open up a new set of electives, each seemingly more interesting than the next.

With all these choices and decisions, music can often get lost in the shuffle. But we know that sticking with things and pursuing excellence is how we learn and grow. Here are some important benefits to continuing with music:

Music builds skills that are lifelong, and apply to any path their lives take. 

Teamwork. Grit. Goal setting. Delayed gratification. Time management. Problem solving. Empathy. Communication. These skills and attributes are crucial not only to the development of musicians, but also to well-adjusted, happy professionals in any career. Your child has made a good start at learning these life lessons; continuing music in high school will allow them to internalize them.

Music provides stability at time of change.

The transition to a new activity can be exciting. New location, new classes, new people, new social structures. Your child already has a firm grounding in music, a solid understanding of how to be a meaningful contributor of a team, and a safe place for personal expression. Continuing in music provides your child a stable anchor amongst the many changes they will experience.

Music can be exactly what your child needs...and wants it to be.

Often when I talk to parents about helping their child’s futures, there is a natural tendency to view choices in school as “forever” choices. Most academic choices are funneled through the lens of a potential career. Though this should certainly influence decision-making, an overemphasis can lead to a stressful academic life that limits personal growth.

Even for the most academic-focused young adult, continued participation in music can provide a creative outlet for personal expression that fuels their growth as individuals. And, they can invest in music at the level their interest and other commitments allow.

Like you, I am invested in your child success and happiness. I truly believe music offers unique benefits for all aspects in life. If you have questions on how music can continue to be an integral part of your child’s life, please feel free to contact me.


Benjamin Reilly
Little River Junior High