4-22-21 Goessel JH WSL Quint – 4:00 pm

General Information

1.      Teams: Goessel, Little River, Peabody-Burns, Wakefield, Centre

2.      Starter: Tom Moore

3.      Coach’s/scratch meeting will take place at 3:30 in the press box.

4.      Please use the facility in an appropriate manner and help to keep it clean. Coaches and administrators – please help in making sure this is accomplished.

5.      All spectators and students should remain outside the track during the running events unless their event has been called. Team camps must be outside of the track and not in the bleachers.

6.      Concessions are located in the press box. A voucher for a food item and drink will be provided to coaches and bus drivers.

7.      Buses may park buses east or north of the track on Cedar Street or Athletic Drive.

8.      Restrooms are located at the east end of the press box.

9.      If you have questions please find Brian Lightner (press box) or Curtis Guhr (finish line).



Scoring and Awards

1.      All events will be: 8-6-4-2-1, relays: 8-6-4-2

2.      Ribbons will be given for 1st – 3rd places for all events.

3.      Results will be available immediately following the meet and will be emailed to administrators and posted online.

 4.      Live Results throughout the meet can be accessed here. Meet Results


Covid Protocols

  1. Masks are required at concessions and in the restrooms.
  2. No limit for the number of spectators, those in attendance should wear a mask when social distancing is not possible.
  3. Athletes should wear a mask when checking in for their event or addressing a meet official.
  4. Athletes should wear a mask when in high concentration areas such as around events and the start or finish line.










Order of Events

 4-22-21 Goessel JH WSL Quint





4:00 pm


Shot  (inside ring)                      8G   7G

Shot (outside ring)                     8B   7B

Discus (Northeast of track)       7G   8G

Discus (Northwest of track)      7B   8B

Long Jump (outside east pit)    8B   7B 

Long Jump (outside west pit)   8G   7G

Triple Jump (inside east pit)      7G   8G

Triple Jump (inside west pit)      7B   8B

 High Jump (north pit)                8G    8B

  High Jump (south pit)                7B     7G

Pole Vault                                     7G   8G  7B  8B

(Will vault together if possible)








7th girls, 8th girls, 7th boys and 8th boys unless noted differently.

If participation numbers warrant, divisions may be combined for specific races or relays.


4:15 pm

            Girls and Boys  3200 M

            Girls     1600 M Run (7th only)

            Boys    1600 M Run (7th only)

            Girls    200 Hurdles (5 flights, 30” girls)

            Boys    200 Hurdles (5 flights, 30” boys)


5:20 pm

            Girls     100 M Low Hurdles (10 flights, 30”)

            Boys    100 M Low Hurdles (10 flights, 33”)

            Girls     100m Dash

            Boys    100m Dash                 

            Girls     1600m Run (8th

            Boys    1600m Run (8th)          

            Girls     4x100m Relay

            Boys    4x100m Relay

            Girls     400m Dash     

            Boys    400m Dash

            Girls     4x200m Relay

            Boys    4x200m Relay

            Girls     800m Run

            Boys    800m Run

            Girls     200m Dash

            Boys    200m Dash

            Girls     Medley Relay (100/100/200/400)

            Boys    Medley Relay (100/100/200/400)