APRIL 27, 2021 AT 4:30

 6 Teams: Berean Academy, Goesel, Little River, Herington, Centre, Fairfield

2.    Coaches’ meeting is at 4:00 in the press box.

3.    All individual events will be: 10-8-6-4-2-1, Relays: 10-8-6-4-2

4.    Starter: Dale Downing

5.    Please use the facility in an appropriate manner and help to keep it clean. Coaches and administrators – 

       please help in making sure this is accomplished.

6.    All parents and non-participating students should remain outside of the track during running events. We ask 

       that team camps remain outside the track and away from the bleachers.

7.    Concessions and snacks are located at the west end of the press box. A concessions voucher will be 

       available for coaches, administrators, bus drivers, and workers.

8.    Bus parking is east of the track on Cedar Street or north of the track on Athletic Park Drive. Please do not 

       park buses in the parking lot located immediately north of the school.

9.    Restrooms are located at the east end of the press box.

10.  If you have questions please find Josh Brinkerhoff, Brian Lightner or Curtis Guhr.


Event Information

1.    Entry fee: N/A

2.    Admission: N/A

3.    Surfaces: Spikes should be ¼ inch for all track/jumping events. Any athletes caught with a longer size will be 

       disqualified. Discus and Shot put are concrete. Javelin runway is grass.

5.    All field events will be the best of four attempts, except high jump and pole vault.

6.    We will be using a FAT (fully automatic timing) system.  Unofficial times will not be given at the finish line.  

       Results will be posted underneath the east bleachers once they are available.

7.    For races 800 meters or longer (including relays), each competitor (just anchor leg for relays) will be 

       given a hip number when they check in that must be placed on the right hip.


Scoring and Awards

1.    Medals shall be given to first, second, and third place finishers in each individual event. Only first place 

       medals are to be given in relay events.  The first four entries and first relay from each school will be scored 

       per CKTL by-laws.

2.    Results will be available immediately following the meet, will be posted online, and emailed to AD’s.





Meet Order of Events







Event                            1St                   2nd

   Shot Put (South ring)            Girls                 Boys

   Discus (East Ring)      Boys                Girls

   Long Jump                  Boys              Girls

      (Outside West Pit)

   Triple Jump                 Girls              Boys

      (Inside West Pit)

   High Jump                            Boys                 Girls

   Javelin                                  Boys                 Girls

   Pole Vault                            Girls                 Boys








            Girls     3200m  Run

            Boys     3200m  Run


5:30-Rolling Schedule

            Girls     4x800m Relay

            Boys     4x800m Relay

            Girls     100m Hurdles

            Boys     110m High Hurdles 

            Girls     100m Dash     

            Boys     100m Dash     

            Girls     1600m Run     

            Boys     1600m Run     

            Girls     4x100m Relay

            Boys     4x100m Relay

            Girls     400m Dash     

            Boys     400m Dash     

            Girls     300m Hurdles 

            Boys     300m Hurdles 

            Girls     800m Run

            Boys     800m Run

            Girls     200m Dash

            Boys     200m Dash

 5 Minutes Break

            Girls     4x400m Relay

            Boys     4x400m Relay

Goessel Track & Locations Map below