Wheat State League JH Track Meet 2021

5-11-21, 12:00 start, coaches meeting at 11:15.


General Information

1.      Teams: Canton-Galva, Centre, Elyria Christian, Goessel, Herington, Little River, Peabody-Burns, Rural Vista, Solomon, Wakefield

2.      Starting time: 12:00. Coaches meeting at 11:15 in the press box.

3.      Starter: Mark Isom

4.      Bus parking is east and north of the track on Cedar Street or Athletic Drive.  Do not park school buses in the lots south or west of the school.

5.      Please use the facility in an appropriate manner and help to keep it clean. Coaches and administrators – please help in making sure this is accomplished.

6.      All spectators and students should remain outside of the track during running finals unless they are warming up.

7.      Concessions and snacks are located in the press box. A meal voucher will be provided for coaches, administrators and event workers.

8.      Restrooms are located at the east end of the press box.

9.    Team camps must be located outside of the track.  No throwing of implements inside the track, behind the press box or on the practice football field northwest of the track as these areas have irrigation systems.

10.      In case of inclement weather, shelter is available in the high school, make-up date is 5-12-21.


Event Information

1.      Admission: none

2.      Surfaces: Track and runways are a latex surface, spikes should be ¼ inch. Discus and shot put rings are concrete.

3.      All events are run as finals, no preliminary heats in the field or running events.

4.      There will be four attempts for LJ, TJ, DT, and SP.  We will follow standard HJ and PV rules. Starting heights will be the higher of the league constitution or two increments below the sixth entry.

5.      We will be using a FAT system.  Unofficial times will not be given at the finish line.  Official times will be posted underneath the east bleachers opposite the bathroom doors. Athletes in non-lane specific finishes will be given a hip number that will need to be worn on the right hip.

6.   Each school is responsible for providing their own throwing implements.  Please make sure they weigh correctly for each event.

7.    See event assignments on the second sheet for each school’s assigned responsibilities.



Wheat State League JH Track Meet

May 11, 2021

 12:00 pm



12:00 pm

Shot  (inside ring)  Elyria                   8G   7G

Shot (outside ring)  Peabody-Burns    8B   7B

Discus (Northeast of track) Wake.                7G   8G

Discus (Northwest of track) Cent.       7B   8B

Long Jump (outside east pit) LR                   8B   7B  

Long Jump (outside west pit) Sol.      8G  7G

Triple Jump (inside east pit)   CG                  7B   8B  

Triple Jump (inside west pit) Her.        7G   8G

High Jump (north pit)  RV                     7B   8B  

High Jump (south pit)   RV                   7G   8G

Pole Vault  Goessel                                        7G   8G  7B  8B

(Will vault together if possible)


Event Responsibilities

Goessel has tapes, rakes, clipboards, etc available for use if needed. 

·         Discus:              G:  Wakefield

                                 B:  Centre

·         Shot Put            G:  Elyria Christian

                                 B:  Peabody-Burns

·         Long Jump:       G:  Solomon

                                 B:  Little River

·         Triple Jump:      G:           Herington

                                 B:  Canton-Galva

·         High Jump:        B:  RV

                                 G:  RV

·         Pole Vault:           Goessel


·         Games committee: Herington, Wakefield, Centre  Alternate: Little River

·    4x100m Judges: Hope, Canton-Galva, Little River

    4x200m Judges: Wakefield

    Medley Judges: Herington, Solomon



12:45 pm

          Girls    3200 M (8th only)

          Boys   3200 M (8th only)

          Girls    1600 M Run (7th only)

          Boys   1600 M Run (7th only)

          Girls    200 Hurdles (5 flights, 30”)

          Boys    200 Hurdles (5 flights, 30”)


All athletes who are not competing must be in the bleachers or at camps at this point. We ask that all parents and patrons remain in the stands during the running finals.


2:00 pm

          Girls     100 M Low Hurdles (10 flights, 30”)

          Boys     100 M Low Hurdles (10 flights, 33”)

          Girls     100m Dash

          Boys     100m Dash                 

          Girls     1600m Run (8th)           

          Boys     1600m Run (8th)           

          Girls     4x100m Relay

          Boys     4x100m Relay

          Girls     400m Dash     

          Boys     400m Dash

          Girls     4x200m Relay

          Boys    4x200m Relay

          Girls     800m Run

          Boys     800m Run

          Girls     200m Dash

          Boys     200m Dash

          Girls     Medley (100, 100, 200, 400)

          Boys     Medley (100, 100, 200, 400) 


 Running event order: 7th girls, 8th girls, 7th boys, 8th boys